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David Stocker


About David Stocker 

David Stocker, a seasoned attorney and adept business professional, plays pivotal roles as the Vice President of Client Services and Head of Legal Affairs at Tigunia, LLC. Amidst his bustling career, David’s repertoire extends beyond the confines of law and business, encompassing a rich background in the dynamic realm of the music industry. His multifaceted expertise and penchant for surprises make him an intriguing figure with diverse talents and experiences.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, David Stocker possesses a profound affection for his hometown and its community. He completed his high school education locally, graduating in 1978, before embarking on his academic journey at Mesa Community College, where he earned an associate’s degree in music. Continuing his pursuit of musical excellence, David pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance at the University of Las Vegas. While honing his craft, he supported himself as a musician, spending a significant period performing in Las Vegas. 

In subsequent years, David Stocker returned to academia with a fresh objective in sight. Enrolling at the California Western School of Law, he diligently pursued his Juris Doctorate. Demonstrating his commitment and aptitude, David graduated within the upper echelon of his class and swiftly obtained his bar admission. Armed with both a doctorate and a legal license, David Stocker propelled himself forward toward his career aspirations.

After completing his studies, David Stocker established his private legal practice. He managed this solo endeavor for years until 2008 when he recognized the need for a transformative shift. This realization paved the way for David’s transition to Tigunia, LLC. Collaborating with his brother, David played an instrumental role in establishing Tigunia, an esteemed information technology and consulting firm. Tigunia boasts a diverse team proficient in various areas such as Dynamics NAV and BC development, implementation, analysis, upgrades, consulting, and training. 

David Stocker holds a central position at Tigunia, with significant responsibilities crucial to the company’s operations. His role spans client services, legal affairs, and maintaining quality standards. Within this capacity, he supervises diverse realms such as software development, project management, and legal operations, showcasing his versatile skills and unwavering commitment to upholding excellence across all dimensions of the organization.

David Stocker has cultivated a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness throughout his career, making him a sought-after authority. He readily offers counsel to those in need, exemplified by his contributions to an article titled “Insights from David Stocker, Arizona Attorney: Strategies to Enhance Corporate Security through Workforce Measures.”

In addition to his professional pursuits, David Stocker engages in a diverse array of interests and hobbies. Alongside his love for music, he finds joy in exploring rugged terrain on mountain biking excursions and immersing himself in the meticulous craft of recreational car detailing.

David Stocker personifies a philanthropic ethos, showcasing a dedication to supporting his community. In addition to his professional and personal interests, he devotes his time to offering pro bono legal assistance to individuals who require it, underscoring his charitable disposition and aspiration to effect positive change in the lives of others.

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